They’ll Always Have Paris


Climate alarmism is dead. Not that most eco-activists or starry-eyed environmentalists realise it, but as a political force, it’s over. It has been killed, of course, by its own self-proclaimed victory. By Paris.

You can read the full treaty if you want, and I have, but there’s really little point. The one fact you need to know is this: the only firm, definite decision in the whole thing is the creation of a permanent climate bureaucracy. Everything else is as certain as unicorns and clouds of angels. And just as likely to be put into practice are the absurd anti-capitalist actions the likes of Greenpeace have been calling for all these years.

We are about to witness a classic case of bureaucratic capture. Sure, every government and major corporation in the Western world will have to pay lip service to the Agreement, and a few billion dollars will be frittered away each year in the name of environmental development. But a wholesale ditching of fossil fuels? It simply won’t happen.

What Paris has given governments is a cloak. Plans to reduce C02 emissions can be happily offloaded in the direction of the climate bureaucrats – to ensure proper transnational cooperation and integration, of course. And these bureaucrats, being bureaucrats, will bog the whole thing down in so much pettyfogged red tape that nothing substantial will actually get done. Huge amounts of money will be wasted, naturally, but modern industrial capitalism will survive largely unimpeded, and as this is the very system that has given us every technological wonder of the modern age, overall the news is good.

Simply put, Paris is the reason I’ve haven’t been blogging much on climate recently – I haven’t seen the point. I’m no longer worried, because the alarmists have lost the political war. All they’ve achieved is to add in a slight overhead to the costs of global development, and I am sure it’s one that can easily be absorbed.

These days, the damage that has been done to science as a whole concerns me more.



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