So that’s the Labour party consigned to electoral oblivion. I’m sure they’ll hang around for another decade or two, and garner a few million votes at general elections, but there is no way a Marxist political party is going to get so much as a sniff of power in the UK. And I’m not alone in thinking that there’s also no way for the moderates to win back control. There simply aren’t enough of them who are committed enough to work their way back into the driving seat. Game over.

But for me the most interesting point in all this is what it tells us about those Labour moderates: that they are without doubt the most incompetent shower of halfwits to ever run a British political party. Under Ed Miliband they exuded an air of unelectable idiocy, and the last 12 months have shown that, if anything, that flattered them. If somehow Miliband had won the 2015 election, by now the country would probably have been a smoking crater.

Obviously the starting point for all this was the absurd decision to let anyone with a spare £3 (i.e. everyone) have a vote when choosing Miliband’s successor. I suspect the stories about masses of Conservative supporters signing up to vote are overblown, but it certainly happened to some extent and for a while I considered signing up my dog. Having spent several difficult years in the 1980s kicking Marxists out of Labour, this was a neon-lit invitation for them to storm back in.

The second absurdity was allowing Corbyn on the leadership ballot at all. Dismissed as an irrelevant throwback by most of his fellow Labour MPs, a group of these same dimwits decided he should stand as a candidate not because they agreed with any of his views, but in the name of political diversity. Now here’s some delicious irony: that the same Labour imbeciles that allowed uncontrolled immigration to the UK, and then busily turned a blind eye to the horrors of Rotherham, should lose control of their own party because their obsession with diversity even extended to extreme left-wing political views. Corbyn was meant to be the no-hoper token socialist; instead he won.

Even after Labour’s MPs had accepted that they had to somehow get rid of Corbyn as leader, they demonstrated a total lack of understanding of their opponent. For a man who hadn’t absorbed a single new political idea since the 1970s, the mere matter of mass shadow cabinet resignations, even when followed by a 172 to 40 vote of no confidence, was irrelevant. An outsider his entire career, why would he suddenly play by gentlemen’s rules now?

And then when they did manage to force a new leadership contest, due to their innate disorganisation Angela Eagle was allowed to put herself forward before being elbowed aside in favour of Owen Smith. Bear in mind that Labour continuously berate their political opponents as a bunch of misogynists, but while the Conservatives are on their second female Prime Minister, and 73% of UKIP members voted for a woman as leader, all Labour have ever managed is a pink bus.

It can therefore be no surprise that Owen Smith should then run a tactically inept campaign where he tried to avoid sticking the knife into Corbyn, while edging ever leftwards in the forlorn hope that Corbyn’s followers would jump ship to a Corbyn-lite candidate. It’s as if Brutus and Cassius tried to stab Caesar with celery sticks, while simultaneously vowing that nothing in Rome would change.

So the moderate Labour party first hollowed themselves out by ignoring their traditional constituents and becoming obsessed with metropolitan issues of diversity and sexuality that mainstream Labour voters view, at best, as irrelevant. They then changed their rules to allow the very Militants that had almost destroyed the party in the 1980s back in, before actively ensuring one of their few remaining Marxists could get onto the leadership ballot. Their attempts to regain control of the party have been so utterly shambolic that, had Conservative party moles been in charge, they could not have wrought greater destruction. It’s one of the most astonishing political stories of modern times, alongside the Brexit vote, and the repercussions will take decades to work out.

The final point is that the British electorate retain a great measure of common sense. They looked at Miliband’s Labour party and said ‘no thanks’, and boy were they right.


One response to “Useless

  1. “Under Ed Miliband they exuded an air of unelectable idiocy, and the last 12 months have shown that, if anything, that flattered them.”

    I LOL’ed because it is so true.

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