Interesting Times

20140107_110037 (2)

Well, well. We’ve discovered all sorts of interesting things in the last few days:

  • The British people still retain their ancient instinct for democracy.
  • Gauging by those calling for a re-run of the referendum, or for parliament to ignore the Brexit result, there are far more anti-democrats on the left than the right, for all their anti-fascist sloganeering.
  • Corbyn would rather sit in a bunker and emerge as the leader of a pro-Marxist Labour rump than resign.
  • Most senior EU bureaucrats would rather just be shot of the UK than alter the current course of the EU in any way.
  • The effects of Brexit are likely to be much worse for the EU than the UK.
  • Nichola Sturgeon is a razor-sharp political opportunist.
  • Labelling your political opponents as racist may still stifle public debate, but no longer works to shame people in the voting booth.



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