Howling at the Moon

Moon over Corfe

Another day, another blogger realising just how great an abomination of science Stephan Lewandowsky’s work truly is. Of course, Moon Hoax is such an easy target that it’s hard not to harp on about it endlessly. I mean, it’s a given that Lewandowsky’s place in the history of science is assured – just not in the way he thinks it is.

So today I’m going to restrict myself to a single, simple thought.

Let’s take it as a given that Lewandowsky himself thinks that he is actually doing science – we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t simply an out-and-out fraudster. How then can he still produce such politicised rubbish?

We can start with the assumption that Science = Facts. Let us also assume that Lewandowsky believes that his own political prejudices are factually correct, i.e. it is an objective truth that anyone who disagrees with his stance on global warming is either malicious or mentally disturbed. We can therefore state that any work Lewandowsky carries out, that confirms his political views, must by definition be science, irrespective of the methods used.

Science = Facts

Deniers are Mad = Fact

Deniers are Mad = Science

It’s the only way any of his laughable garbage makes sense, even from his own point of view.


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