I’m Enjoying This…

Although the upcoming enthronement of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader is a source of intense and ongoing hilarity, I am utterly mystified by those members of a party founded explicitly and fundamentally as a socialist movement who are now complaining that after a gap of three decades socialists are going to be back in charge.


One response to “I’m Enjoying This…

  1. Just seen this. Was the Labour Party founded “explicitly and fundamentally” as a socialist party? Surely not. It was a mixture of socialists, trades unionists and various radical or left wing groups. I was concerned with representation of workers and with creating a fairer society. My grandfather joined as an early member. He was a trades unionist and a Baptist. That was what made him Labour – and neither he nor his son, my father, also a Labour party member, called themselves or wished to be called, socialists.

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