So I’ve written a book…


I was hoping to find a book, suitable for children aged about 11-12 upwards, outlining the basics of rational thinking, logic and the Scientific Method. But I couldn’t. So I decided to write it myself. So I have.

I’m no expert on these topics but I find it rather unbelievable that they aren’t taught to children pretty much as soon as they are capable of understanding them.

I’d like some volunteers to read the book through for me, correct the most embarrassing mistakes, and make suggestions for improvements. It’s 16,000 words but you don’t have to do the whole thing. It mentions religion a little bit but avoids climate change completely.

I’m strapped for cash (as always) and because I’m an egotist I have a tiny hope that I could publish it online and make my fortune. So readers would have to agree not to circulate it any further, at least until my hopes are dashed on the rocks of reality. If it does become a publishing sensation and I make a million, I will buy each volunteer  a boat. (The boats may be very very tiny indeed.)

If you’re interested, please leave a comment, remembering to fill out the email address box, and I’ll send you a pdf.


One response to “So I’ve written a book…

  1. Sure – I’ll have a look.
    I have a B.S in Economics and was a professional student for five years with forays into Math, Statistics, Computer Science and Logic. It didn’t pay very well so I currently work in the Computer field.

    My wife used to be a proof reader although I can’t guarantee her taking part in the effort.

    I promise to keep it confidential.

    PS I think I read your piece on WUWT but found you through JCs Denizen’s II

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