When the sea-change comes


In common with many sceptic commentators, I believe that the Climate Alarmist dam is now riddled with significant cracks, making its final collapse inevitable. The IPCC has jettisoned the Hockey Stick and admitted the 17-year ‘pause’ in global warming, both of which would have been outright heresy only a few years ago. Claims about locating the ‘missing’ heat in the ocean depths are dutifully reported by the BBC et al but the can of worms is now open. The sensitivity of the climate to CO2 is clearly much lower than the Alarmist’s original claims, and every attempt they make to explain the ‘pause’ implicitly admits that natural variation is far stronger than was previously acknowledged. The logic they shy away from is clear: if variation is now somehow cooling the earth, it must also be a prime candidate for the warming that took place around the 1990s.

Unfortunately we are still quite a long way from the end of Alarmism. It will only be over in a meaningful way when politicians stop seizing it as a convenient excuse for their own shortcomings, as is currently happening in the UK with the furore over the mismanagement of waterways and flood defences. The first time a politician choses to stand up and take the flak (or at least throw a few underlings or civil servants to the wolves) rather than use Climate Change as an excuse for a problem, we will know the game is finally up. This can only happen once widespread public opinion turns against Alarmism, which I think will take place once the full financial horror of green energy subsidies and their attendant corruption becomes apparent. It will take a few more years but we already heading firmly down that path.

Pointman recently made an excellent observation here, that alarmists are visibly entering the anger phase of the break-down of their cherished but anti-human belief system. Having enjoyed the sponsorship of governments and NGOs for so long, I do not doubt that they will be quick to take the law into their own hands once they are left by the wayside. Victorious armies have little need of military police, beyond preventing looting and unsnarling traffic jams. But in defeat, drumhead courts martial are quick to appear as discipline breaks down. Similarly, once the sea-change in public opinion takes place, we will see the next stage in the meltdown of the hard-core Alarmists. This will manifest itself in a whirlwind of recrimination and in-fighting. Those who start to hedge their position will be furiously denounced by the last-ditchers, in language far worse than they already use on ‘deniers’. Instead of exchanging chummy emails (as seen in Climategate), ‘The Team’ will splinter as completely as communists have in the post-Soviet Union era.

And, obviously, I just can’t wait.


3 responses to “When the sea-change comes

  1. I believe that these activities such as chasing consensus for AGW, arguing over theories which are unsupported empirically are all an orchestrated diversion and smoke screen.
    The real danger comes from the United Nations and UN Agenda 21 which is the parent of AGW.
    Is the UN a dangerous and malignant bureaucracy? My research points to this.
    There is no conspiracy as everything is clearly described and published on official websites etc. All we need to do is read it!
    Here is an example on Agenda 21 policy on land.
    See the my highlights in red on page 8

    No wonder property rights are being abused in my city under the guise of an earthquake recovery.
    Ever consider the Agenda 21 wetlands policy. It works like this. 1. Persuade a farmer to part with a swampy area of his farm and label it a ‘wetlands restoration’. 2. Do nothing and let the wetland ‘recover’ which means the original drainage will block and the wetland/swamp will spread further onto the farmer’s land. 3. If the farmer in desperation clears the drainage problem then fine or gaol him. 4. Observing that there are now further spreading swamps ‘wetlands’ encroaching on said farmers land, well take that off him too.
    Note that this guy once owned the land in question, it is not mentioned how it was transferred to the government. Also willows are mentioned. Willows are not natural in New Zealand and used to be regarded as pests because they block waterways.
    In my country, maybe more than 50% of farms are comprised of more than 90% drained swamp.

    Check out the warped thinking on page 12. Re: educating men or women!

    My blog has more real life examples!
    Please visit both posts.




  2. Hi Roger, I don’t really know anything about the political situation in New Zealand and find some of your ideas hard to believe, but thanks for commenting anyway.

  3. Jonathan,
    Thanks for replying.

    I wish that what I was talking about was theory, but unfortunately everything I discuss is found on government and UN sites and documents.

    If you don’t believe me, try searching on your local government/council website for the word ICLEI and on your national/state government website for the word ‘agenda21’ or ‘agenda 21’

    The most chilling thing I have found is how agenda 21 has infiltrated our education system.
    I found this and many other similar on our Dept of Education website.
    And yes, the same website affirms that the base documents are agenda 21.
    This not a NZ problem, it is world wide.

    You can even check whether your city has been infiltrated (without your consent) by checking at http://www.iclei.org

    Good luck,



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